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Discover unparalleled precision and efficiency with DigiScan Solutions’ remarkable range of document scanners for various purposes. From historical archives to cutting-edge research, our scanners redefine the digitization experience. Capture every detail, preserve every nuance – watch as our technology transforms the physical into the digital.

Our commitment to innovation shines through in every product we offer

Our cutting-edge scanners are meticulously designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as historical archiving, scientific research, art preservation, and more. We prioritise precision, efficiency, and versatility, ensuring that our products seamlessly integrate into your workflow, transforming physical documents into high-quality digital assets.

Book Scanning with CopiBooks

Our CopiBook scanners are crafted to revolutionise the way you preserve and access printed content. Featuring advanced imaging technology, including high resolution scanners, these scanners ensure impeccable reproduction, capturing every nuance of the written word or intricate illustrations.

Large format Scanners with Quartz

These scanners redefine the boundaries of document preservation. Whether mapping historical landscapes or preserving oversized artworks, our Large-Format Scanners deliver unmatched clarity and detail. With advanced imaging technology and customizable settings, the use of a document scanner is to seamlessly handle large documents, blueprints, and intricate designs with ease.

LIMB Software Solutions

With LIMB Software Solutions, you can efficiently categorize, search, and access your files with precision using intuitive indexing and organization features. Experience productivity and streamlined workflows as LIMB transforms the way you manage and interact with your documents.


For flawless book preservation

i2S v-shape

2xA3 600 dpi | 2xA2 400 dpi

Optimal Page Visibility

The V-shaped design of the i2s Copybook product ensures optimal visibility and even pressure distribution during scanning, capturing every detail from edge to edge.

Enhanced Book Preservation

This innovative design minimizes stress on book spines and bindings, preserving delicate volumes while delivering high-quality scans. Ideal for archiving rare manuscripts, historical books, and valuable collections.

Time-Efficient Scanning

The V-shaped i2s Copybook product streamlines the scanning process, allowing for quicker and more efficient digitization of books and bound materials, making it a time-saving solution for libraries, archives, and research institutions.

i2S Open System A2

2xA3 600 dpi | 2xA2 400 dpi

Versatile Scanning

The open system design of the A2 Copibook product offers versatility in handling a wide range of materials beyond standard books, including oversized documents, maps, and delicate manuscripts. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for diverse digitization needs.

User-Friendly Interface

The A2 Copibook product features a user-friendly interface, making it accessible for operators with varying levels of expertise. The intuitive controls and adjustable settings ensure a smooth scanning experience, reducing the learning curve for users.

Efficient Workflow Integration

With its open system architecture, the A2 Copibook seamlessly integrates into various workflow setups, allowing for efficient collaboration and compatibility with different software systems. This ensures a cohesive and streamlined digitization process for institutions and organizations with unique requirements.

i2S SupraScan – Large-Format Scanners

For flawless book preservation

i2S Quartz 2A0

High-Speed Scanning

The SupraScan i2S Quartz 2A0 product boasts high-speed scanning capabilities, allowing for rapid digitization of large-format documents up to 2A0 size. This ensures efficiency in handling oversized materials without compromising on image quality.

Exceptional Image Quality

Equipped with advanced imaging technology, the SupraScan i2S Quartz 2A0 delivers exceptional image quality with precise color reproduction and sharp details. This makes it an ideal choice for preserving intricate designs, architectural plans, and artistic creations with utmost clarity.

Time-Efficient Scanning

The V-shaped i2s Copybook product streamlines the scanning process, allowing for quicker and more efficient digitization of books and bound materials, making it a time-saving solution for libraries, archives, and research institutions.

i2S Quartz A1V & A1V HD

V-Shaped Book Cradle

The SupraScan i2S Quartz A1V comes with a specialized V-shaped book cradle, optimizing the scanning of bound materials. This design ensures even pressure distribution and minimizes stress on book spines, making it ideal for digitizing delicate and valuable volumes.

Versatile Document Handling

With its adaptable design, the SupraScan i2S Quartz A1V accommodates a variety of materials, including loose documents, bound books, and delicate manuscripts. This versatility makes it a comprehensive solution for digitizing diverse collections in libraries, archives, and institutions.

High-Resolution Scanning

The SupraScan i2S Quartz A1V delivers high-resolution scans, capturing fine details and vibrant colors with precision. This makes it a powerful tool for preserving the quality and authenticity of historical documents, artworks, and rare manuscripts in digital format.

From a Historical Archivist:

“Working with i2S products has transformed our approach to historical preservation. The precision and clarity these scanners offer are unparalleled. The V-shaped design of the Copybook product has been a game-changer, ensuring the delicate pages of centuries-old manuscripts are captured flawlessly. The i2S Quartz series, especially the A2 Copibook, has proven versatile, handling everything from oversized maps to fragile documents with finesse. It’s not just scanning; it’s a meticulous preservation of our cultural heritage.”

From a Research Institution Director

“Our institution has greatly benefited from the SupraScan i2S Quartz series, particularly the A1V. The V-shaped book cradle has preserved our rare book collection with precision, and the adaptability of the design allows us to digitize various materials seamlessly. The high-resolution scanning capabilities have elevated the quality of our digital archives, enabling our researchers to explore details with unprecedented clarity. i2S products have become an integral part of our digitization strategy, enhancing our commitment to advancing knowledge and accessibility.”

These testimonials were extracted from i2S product and service reviews.

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